Our Activities

Arts & Crafts
Making art or crafts is a method we use to explore and express our assets, talents, and develop self esteem. When successful projects are completed, a person has a sense of accomplishment and an improved sense of self esteem and confidence. Often, the time spent engaged in an activity offers us reprieve from the symptoms of our condition.

Opportunities are available in

Card Making Jewelry Making
Bead work Knitting
Creative Arts Embroidery
Painting & Drawing Cross stitch
Collage Calligraphy
Movie Hour
Watching movies that portray recovery, inspiration, motivation, or personal survival in the midst of adversity provide opportunities that promote self-awareness, personal strengths, and unrealized assets. We encourage discussion of the movie’s significance, and how it could relate to our personal challenges and struggles.
Game Day
Board games are a great way to encourage socialization through a non-threatening stimulus. We find that we are to talk about things more easily while distracted by the competition of the game. It is also a time to just relax and chat with another human being.
The internet is provided for members to use for Housing and Job Search, Community resources, information of area support groups, reliable topics on mental health, mental illness treatment and recovery.
Field Trips
Occasionally, when funding is available, field trips are arranged for trips to places of interest for our members.
Board Meetings
Board meetings are open to all who are interested. Members are encouraged to become active on one of our five committees.