The People of TWS


President: Bob Schrader, MSVR, CRC, CPS
I have been an active member at The Wellness Shack since 2010. In my time at TWS I have learned how to manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and alcohol abuse. I am a strong believer in the benefits of peer to peer support. My lived experience with my conditions has given me a lot of insight into the struggles of mental health recovery and substance abuse recovery. I returned to school at 50 years old and earned a Masters Degree in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling. I now seek to use my education, personal skills, and experience to help better the lives of people who live with mental illness.
Vice President: Bonnie Perrenoud
I am a person in successful recovery from a mental health diagnosis. I returned to school and obtained my degree as an administrative professional. I feel that my organizational skills, reliability, and communication skills serve The Wellness Shack well. I addition, my own personal experience of recovery guides me in doing the best I can to serve members at TWS. I believe we are doing a good job fulfilling our mission serving the people who live with mental illness.
Secretary: Maggie Kelly
I have been coming to The Wellness Shack since 2011. I have a degree in Broad Area Social Science and have worked in various areas of Health Care for the past 20 years. I trained to be a volunteer at TWS a year after I became a member. I bring creativity and enthusiasm to TWS. One of my accomplishments at TWS was to approach the TWS Program Committee on the need for a Bipolar Disorder support group. I did some research and presented my ideas. The Bipolar Group is still active with new members coming in every week. I work to help with the continued growth of TWS, and to spread the word about TWS and what it has to offer.
Treasurer: Robert Geiger
I am a handyman, but my greatest pleasure is woodworking, landscaping, and helping people have fun. I have been a member at TWS since 2012. I started out as a participant in the Anxiety and Depression Support Group. Now I help to facilitate the meetings. I am also an active member of the Fundraising Committee. My experience serving on the Board of Education for Augusta schools, and; as Treasurer of the Booster Club, will be helpful on the TWS Board of Directors.
Board Member: Rhonda Brunn
I have been involved with The Wellness Shack since 2008, and served on previous TWS Board of Directors, committees, and work groups over the years. I am very active in mental health recovery, and educate others living with mental illness about mental health recovery. I volunteer at TWS regularly, and coordinate the other volunteers I am a trained Peer Specialist, and a good listener. I also represent TWS at the monthly “Eau Claire Healthy Communities” meetings.
Member   Omar Nelson, M.Div
I am a retired Lutheran Pastor. I have been involved with the Wellness Shack since its beginnings in 2004. I have served 2 terms as Board President and I co- facilitate the General Support Group. The Wellness Shack is close to my heart, and I am pleased with the way it is operating
Member   Mary Canales, PhD
I have been a Board member since 2011. I currently teach at UWEC in the Department of Nursing. I believe that my involvement on the Board of Directors has strengthened my understanding of issues facing people with mental illness and addictions. I have benefitted greatly from the people I have met and worked with on the board. I will continue to serve TWS and the community through this wonderful organization.
Member   Chad Guetzen
I am 38 years old and the father of two girls, age 7 and 8. As someone who suffers from depression, I understand the challenges of how to manage this thorn in my side. I enjoy listening to others and making them laugh if I can. I think laughter brings healing, which is why I love tasteful comedy so much. I have been a advocate for mental health recovery and changes to the medical treatment of people with mental illness. My goal is to be a voice for those who suffer from mental illness. I hope to bring to light the best way to treat mental illness from a consumer’s point of view. I believe that support from others who understand the illness based on their personal experience hold the key to providing better medical treatment.
Board Member: Mary Pichler
I enjoy living in the country, and my family. I have a college degree in materials management, training in AODA, massage, and I am an overseas Corp and Business owner. I see my involvement on the Board of Directors as a chance to speak for the ones who have no voice.
Board Member: Esther Schrader
I am a volunteer at TWS. I oversee the Card-making Group, help in the office, and do miscellaneous jobs that need to be done. I worked 7 years at the Ellsworth Care Center. 3-1/2 of those years I was the Activity Assistant. I am the mother to 9 children, who now have families of their own. My life experiences have given me many opportunities to help people.
Board Member: Pete Aumann
I have been participating at The Wellness Shack since December, 2011. I find TWS to be an integral part of my personal, emotional, social and psychological recovery. I am a graduate of the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul. I graduated with a degrees in Math and Computer Science, and a minor in German. I have held several positions in technology consulting and tech services. I presently am doing independent consulting and tutoring. I am author, and for fun work as a game developer